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The Big Day


Congratulations! If you are reading this page it is quite likely you are engaged and planning a wedding. You may be young and single, never married and this is your first big event. Your wedding should be the best day of your life – so far!

You could be divorced and taking a second or third chance on marital bliss. I too have been there.

You might be planning a Destination wedding and want a legal Ontario ceremony before or after.

No matter what brings a bridal couple to my webpage you all have the same basic questions.

How do we begin?

How about at the beginning?


How to get married in Ontario?  Put into the search box "getting married" and you can find all the information you require to obtain a marriage license.  Feel free to contact me for further information.  I can assist with you how to obtain your marriage license and also brainstorm with you about other details of your wedding.


Why not get married in the old traditional way, at church, the synagogue, temple, mosque or other places of worship?

That's great for you and a good choice.

The couples that come to me (50+ each year) want to be married at home, or at their parent’s cottage, or in a tea house, at a banquet hall or special wedding venue, beside a lake, in a field, in a barn – the possibilities are endless.


You can plan your wedding any day of the year that you can fit your event into my calendar. I offer my services from sun-up to sundown. I often have more than one wedding in the busy season. Contact me early on to reserve your date and time. I do work with other wedding ministers so the chances are good that Rev. Carmen or a cherished colleague will be able to officiate for you.


Almost anywhere you desire,  I am located in Orillia and travel from GTA to Muskoka. I especially love Muskoka cottage country weddings in the summer. If you are outside of our service area feel free to ask as we may be able to refer to our friends in other locations.


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