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From a couple I married in the hospital 
A quick back story for those reading about how I found Rev. Carmen.  My husband had been diagnosed with a very rare immunological disease and we didn’t know if he was going to even survive or not. We had been civilly married in Cuba in December 2012 but wanted to make it legal here in Canada in the event that anything happened to him from his illness.  Rev. Carmen to the rescue, she read my story on Kijiji and contacted me. Wanted to pay it forward for a dear friend of her that she had just lost and offered to do our service free of charge as a good deed. She was more than happy to come to the hospital and even got my husband set up with a wonderful pastor to come in to the hospital every week to talk with him and provide spiritual guidance for him.
We have kept in contact and although we haven’t been able to see each other again I am very happy to have met her. She made our nuptials in the hospital ward a lovely event and welcomed all of our guests with open arms, literally.
  Samantha and Sean  
The marriage ceremony was everything we wanted it to be. It was a celebration of our commitment to each other and our family. From the sand ceremony (and beautiful keepsakes for the kids) to the marriage covenant - this day was perfection. Our family and friends were touched with her presence and commented how wonderful she was. Her caring and honest nature and continuous offers to help were heartfelt. Not only was she perfect for our big day but we also got a new friend out of finding her. You won't regret taking the time to talk to her and getting her insights on how to make your big day exactly what you envisioned and so much more. Thank you Carmen for being you and sharing your gift with Sean and I.

Hi Carmen!!!  There is so much I wanted to say to you. Thank you so much for doing such a beautiful service at our wedding!
Right from the beginning when we met for ice tea, we really liked you and immediately felt comfortable around you. You have such a special calming way about you and are such a kind person.  
After the service, Phil mentioned how nice it was having you up there with him while he was feeling quite emotional. I felt the same way knowing that you were going to be up there with us, it made me feel instantly more at ease.
Phil and I are not the only ones that loved you. Many family and friends commented to us on what an incredible job you did. One even mentioned wanting you for her funeral ! Lol
Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for being a big part of our special day. We will forever remember your kindness and Grace and hope we can see you again someday!

Love Kelsey and Phil :)


 We will highly recommend you to anyone and everyone we come across in need of your services.

You were wonderful, kind, and made our day very special. You were truly made for this work :)

Tony and Diane

   Just wanted to say thanks so much for your absolutely beautiful words and service.  You were such a calming person for Kelsey on the day and you really helped her keep it together, remarkable considering the night before. It was a perfect day for our family and a large part of that is thanks to you.
We had a family friend at our BBQ the next day and she told her  husband, "when I croak, I want you to find Carmen to do my service". So, high praise for sure!!!
We all feel Kels and Phil have something special and they just glowed that day!  
Nancy, mother of the Bride
Carlee B.     October 22, 2014

I highly, highly recommend Reverend Carmen Agius to anyone and everyone looking for a wedding officiant.

My husband and I had her marry us just a few weeks ago and the ceremony was absolutely perfect. It was beautiful and unique and everything we could have imagined.

The whole experience was so much fun.

She even baptized our son during the ceremony. The prayer was very short but classy and beautiful.

All of our guests said they had never attended a wedding ceremony like ours and everyone was raving about her.

She is extremely comforting and has a way of putting your mind at ease. We didn't even have an official rehearsal and the whole thing flowed like a movie.

Truly the perfect wedding experience.

Dear Carmen, first of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR! All the best for you and your family!
My husband and I we were looking for a reverend for our big day. We did some research on Kijiji and found Rev. Carmen. She was the first person we contacted. She responded within hours by email. My husband called her the same night and we set up a meeting for the same week. We met at a Tim Hortons here in Barrie. From the first second we saw her and talked to her we had a pleasant feeling. She made notes, asked questions, answered our questions and at the end of our meeting she insisted that we should talk to other reverends to compare. But our guts told us something else. A couple days later we called her again and confirmed that we wanted her to do our service. Fortunately she was available for our big day.
She did an amazing job in helping us prepare for our day and she made our day special. All our guests gave us super positive feedback regarding Reverend Carmen.
We had a fantastic day, and Reverend Carmen was a big part of our day!! I had my dream wedding, thanks to Reverend Carmen, our guests and the restaurant.
We can highly recommend her and hope she can turn many more wedding days into dream wedding days and many brides into happy brides!
Thanks Reverend Carmen for being a part of our wedding!

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